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Brown gets saved- Story

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Dipansh Gupta

Hey everyone, Sara here! Lets start the week with a sweet and simple story about keeping an eye out for each other, by 5 year old Dipansh Gupta from Delhi.


Dipansh is a student of Delhi Public School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Brown gets saved- Story

Last evening, I was playing with my ball.


That is when I heard Brown barking in auntie’s house in my neighbourhood. I  wondered, why was he barking so much? Then I saw two strange looking men  peeping inside her house, as if they are planning to steal Brown.

I knew auntie was not there. Then, I rushed to my mother and informed her  about the same.

She called the police and Brown got saved.

When he came out, he started licking me, as if saying “Thank you.”

My mother also praised me saying, “I was a brave boy.” I too felt happy and  proud of myself.


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