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Champions aren’t those who always win- Poem

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Devansh Golchha

Hello good people, Sara here! I am thrilled to share this beautiful poem by 8 year old Devansh Golchha which is the perfect summary of what sports teaches us. Atta boy!

Champions aren’t those who always win- Poem

Swimming isn’t just a class for me mere
Many life lessons I get to learn here.

Beyond the kicks, strokes and the flip,
I am taught discipline should never slip.

Champions aren’t those who always win,
Rather who don’t give up and dont give in.

The journey might be steep and uphill,
But no excuse should overpower my will.

Streams cut rocks not because they are stronger,
They just keep flowing through for longer.

Body achieves only what the mind says,
“I can’t,” isn’t a doubt I should ever raise.

As I practice to be the fastest one in my lane,
I realize rainbows can’t be seen without a little rain.

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