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Change makes us, “Us”- Poem

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Srihitha Nadella

Hi friends, Sara here! Last few months have been hard for all of us. 16 year old Srihitha Nadella from Hyderabad shares a beautifully honest account about all the highs and lows we experience.


Srihitha is a student of Genesis School, Hyderabad

Change makes us, “Us”- Poem

I once heard someone say
Nothing is forever.
I didn’t believe then however
Now my life changed its tune,
Things changed that afternoon.


From being on cloud 9 to being gloomy
I wish I could skip those bleak days.
My world stopped for a moment
I knew everything I had built just crumbled in a minute.


I felt a sudden rush of emotions
I was perplexed and felt deserted.
Seemed like my problems got promotions
Couldn’t help but get depressed.


Change is an emotion.
One loves it,
Other hates it,
But it makes us, “US.”


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