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Childhood Story – My Mom’s Bullock Cart Adventure | Bookosmia

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Aryan Bajaj
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. How was your mom in her childhood? Naughty or nice? 7 year old Aryan Bajaj, a Bookosmian from Delhi, recounts an interesting story about the time she sneaked into a bullock cart!
He goes to Gyan Bharati School,Saket.

Childhood Story – My Mom’s Bullock Cart Adventure | Bookosmia

When my mother was 11, she lived in a village called Kunjpura in Haryana.

She was on her way to her father’s shop to bring buttons for her dress, when she saw a bullock cart. She was excited to ride on it.

Childhood story - My mom’s bullock cart adventure

She stealthily climbed it and was trying to balance herself when she suddenly fell down.

Her arm got injured. Then my maternal grandfather took her to the doctor and the doctor suggested to put an ice pack on the wound.

Then my mom realized her mistake that we should never ride on any vehicle without adult supervision.

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