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Cinderella’s birthday party, A fairytale mashup- Read with Sara

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Aadya Kheria

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! Ever wonder what it would be like if we had famous fairytale characters come face to face?

Read this imaginative story by 8 year old Aadya Kheria  from Kolkata

Dear kids, moms and dads,Bookosmia means the smell of books and we hope to make children fall in love with reading , writing and everything else around Indian stories. We believe that our little kids are perfectly perfectly capable and deserving of turning into little authors, maybe not with fancy words or perfect spellings but with some brilliant ideas!Lets start something new. Submit your own stories to us by mailing them at now serving, this wonderful story written by a star author aka Bookosmian. Best enjoyed by a parent and a child with some extra cuddles on the side.Thats how we like ours.Love,Team Bookosmia

Cinderella’s birthday party, A fairytale mashup- Read with Sara

Once upon a time Cinderella planned her birthday party in the royal palace.
There were lots of games and a beautiful cake. Invitations were sent to all her friends. On the day of the party, her friends came with a lot of gifts for Cinderella.

Bookosmia Cinderella


Little Red Riding Hood hopped in and got a basket of fruit and a cloak for Cinderella. The three little pigs presented her with a dollhouse made by them. Puss in boots purred in and gave her a pair of grand boots and a hat to go with it.Rapunzel entered, caressing her long hair and gifted her a pretty dress and lovely hair clips and bands.

Suddenly there was a loud noise. Who could it be hiding over there? Was it an uninvited guest to the party, wondered Cinderella and asked Jack to climb the beanstalk and see who it was.

Jack bravely tip toed up the beanstalk and he saw the big bad wolf climbing up fast. Jack was scared to see him and fell down from the beanstalk. He got hurt badly. “Help! Help!” he cried.
Bookosmia WolfThe big bad wolf started laughing. “This is what you get for not inviting me to your birthday party, Cinderella,” he said. “Now I’m going to crush all your party guests into mush.”

But the big bad wolf did not know that there was one other guest who had not arrived yet. The fairy god mother!

Just us the big bad wolf took steps towards Cinderella’s guests, the fairy godmother arrived and stood in front of the big bad Wolf. The wolf began shaking with fear.
“I heard you were about to turn all these lovely birthday party guests into mush?” asked the fairy godmother with the magic wand in her hand. That wand was so powerful it could turn anyone into anything with just a wave!
“ No no no,” said the wolf, stammering. “You must have heard wrong. I was just here to wish Cinderella a happy birthday and now I’m on my way back to the forest,” he said and began walking slowly with his head down.

Cinderella and her guests felt sorry for the big bad wolf walking away. He did not have any friends to play with. “Wait,” said Cinderella. “Would you like to join us for the party?”.

The big bad wolf looked happy. “I would love to but first I must say sorry and put a bandaid for Jack, who fell from the beanstalk because of me,” he said.
The big bad wolf said sorry to Jack, helped him feel better and they both became friends. What a happy birthday party Cinderella had!

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