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Corona Lockdown – Let’s Keep Our Cool | Bookosmia

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Arya Chatrath
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. Things are better, pandemic wise but let’s continue to be cautious. What say? 10 year old Arya Chatrath, a Bookosmian from Delhi, shows us how.
He goes to DPS RK Puram.

Corona Lockdown – Let’s Keep Our Cool | Bookosmia

Corona lockdown - Let’s keep our cool


No physical friends, but virtual school,

Still, we have to remain cool.


We all are home bound,

And pray to keep our health sound.


We are with family, learning to cook,

Playing games and reading a book.


Eat fruits and vegetables to maintain health,

As it is our greatest wealth.


If you are going out, wear a mask, be wise,

After you come back,sanitize.


Against our one and only enemy untold,

Corona which has to be controlled.


Oh lord! Heal the world soon!

Give us cheer and boon.

Corona lockdown - Let’s keep our cool

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