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Covid-19 – Two Sides Of The Coin | Bookosmia

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Vetharithika D
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 8 year old Vetharithika D, a Bookosmian from Neyveli, reflects on the year gone by under lockdown. Hugs to you, friends!
She goes to SPDS Jayanthi Vidyapeedam.

Covid-19 – Two Sides Of The Coin | Bookosmia

Corona made me feel lonely. The government said, “No outdoor play allowed.” I couldn’t see my friends at all.

I played alone all the time. Schools were closed. I passed first grade in online school itself.

Covid-19 - Two sides of the coin

Now, when we go outside, we wear masks and maintain social distancing. When we are back home, we sanitize our hands. But still, this pandemic gave me an opportunity to attend extracurricular online classes which aren’t available in my town physically.

I am having a lot of fun time with my parents as they are also working from home.

Covid-19 - Two sides of the coin

I request everyone to get vaccinated so that corona dies soon and children like me can see our friends and go back to school.

Covid-19 - Two sides of the coin

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