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Covid Times – Be Positive, Be Careful | Bookosmia


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Purabi Kayan
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 14 year old Purabi Kayan, a Bookosmian from Kolkata reminds us that the fight against Covid continues and that we mustn’t ever lose hope, in this honest poem. What do you feel?
She goes to Modern high school for girls.

Covid Times – Be Positive, Be Careful | Bookosmia


Covid Times - Be positive, Be careful


Sitting in my balcony all day long,

Lockdown dates just getting prolonged.

Glancing out to see deserted streets,

Reminiscing the ambrosial street-food treats!


Car honks on the road are stone deaf,

Cause of a disease where people struggle for breath!

In 2020, the entire world was struck by Covid,

Home bounding left everyone livid.


Face masks are now a part of our attires,

Peoples’ cooperation is all it requires!

To all our helpline workers out there,

We salute your determination and courage so rare.


Missing friends or parties is what we whine,

On the other hand, people are losing family members who were once called “mine”!

We are lucky to experience a tomorrow,

There are people out there dying in sorrow!


Together we should fight this off,

Not let a single lung cough!

Just do your little bit,

In your homes, patiently sit.

This is a phase soon to be over,

Just avoid getting physically closer!


Covid Times - Be positive, Be careful


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