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Read with Sara: Story- East or West, Cousins are the best!

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Riddhima Suryavanshi

Hey there everyone, Sara here. We have had amazing write ups on cousins flow in to us from across the world this month. And today, on Cousins Day, this story by 13 year old Riddhima from Ahmedabad is perfect for the occasion. Tell me what you think!

Read with Sara: Story- East or West, Cousins are the best!

The cousins couldn’t have been happier. It was a ‘pre-exam’ party at Meenu’s house. Meenu couldn’t wait for the party to get started. There were two hours
to go. She ticked off her party arrangement list-
*order food online

Soon, everyone was here and there was lots of dancing and fun. Suddenly, there was a loud cry of anger. One of the cousins had said something to Nisha
in jest which had upset her. Nisha called Meena aside and said, ”Tell them to
leave.” Meenu was in shock.

“Tell all the cousins to leave the party? Right now?”

When Meenu stood in disbelief, Nisha shouted again. “Did you not hear… what  I said?”
“Hmmm…okay..okay,” Meenu said and tried to calm her down but Nisha was in  no mood to agree. There was a pin drop silence and all the party joy vanished.

Feeling desperate to save the party, Meenu said “This is the last party Nisha,  after that we will have our exams. Then it it will be a long time till we see each other.” But Nisha ignored Meenu.

A year passed since that day.


It was Nisha’s birthday and she had everything she wanted but she felt something amiss. Now what was missing? Was it her cousins? Nisha felt guilty of how she behaved with them last year.

Suddenly the room was full of noises. Her cousins were back! They had come to make Nisha’s party a happy one. Nisha was overjoyed but she couldn’t  understand why hercousins has decided to come to her birthday, despite the way she had treated them.

That day Nisha concluded that east or west, cousins are the best! She decided  to apologize to each of them and then find out why they had come. She had a
theory as to what might have happened. What do you think happened?

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