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Poem: Ebony-Skinned

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Ritisha Baidyaray


Hey everyone, your friend Sara here. Starting the week with this stunning poem on a surprising theme- ‘the plight of forced plantation workers,’ by 13 year old, Ritisha Baidyaray from UK. Do not miss the beautiful painting by a Gond artist, that complements the poem perfectly.


Ritisha an academic and foundation  scholar of KEHS Birmingham, a UK National Junior Language Challenge Champion and a MENSA member with maximum possible IQ score of 162 and an accomplished musician. But today we also see what a brilliant poet and empathetic writer she is!


Poem: Ebony-Skinned

Kente cloth adorns his body,
Complete with a youthful grin.
His soul is at its peak of joy, with
Pride in his ebony skin.


The sudden boom of an approaching gun
Startles him in his wake.
Whisked away by pale ghostly spirits
He must obey, for his life is at stake.


He is taken at gunpoint to a colossal ship
Upon which the torture does begin.
Week upon week of shaming dehumanization
Shatters his body and soul within.


He is bid to a cotton plantation.
Months of burning the midnight oil.
Branded. Identity stolen.
Months become years of merciless toil.


His ebony skin – once the pride of existence
Has become a symbol of lesser worth.
He longs to be freed from this cycle of life
But he is trapped on this hell upon earth.

Sara reads Plantation worker story by kids Bookosmia


We are grateful to Little Writer’s Studio for helping us not only with the poem but the beautiful artwork to complement it,by Dinesh Kumar, a Gond painter from Madhya Pradesh

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