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Environment – Our True Friend | Bookosmia

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Gabriel Fernandes
Hey everyone! 9 year old Gabriel Fernandes, a Bookosmian from Ahmedabad, reminds us of who our friend truly is. Would you like to share your thoughts on the environment too?
Congrats to Titli by Rebecca’s Image Station for nurturing his creativity. He goes to Nirma Vidyavihar.

Environment – Our True Friend | Bookosmia

Environment - Our true friend

The environment is our friend indeed,

Know more about it as you read.

Plants, trees, animals and birds,

All the ocean animals and the herds!


The nature is bright and beautiful,

Taking care is our responsibility.

Let’s maintain it for our survival,

To help sustain humanity!


Use things wisely,

Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Let us help and improve our daily life cycle,

The choice is in our hands,

to live in an environment – bad or clean!

So let us pledge to keep forever,

The environment clean and green!


Environment - Our true friend

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