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#SaraReads: Essay- The joys of growing a garden

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Agneesh Raj Banerjee

Hello folks. Sara here and I am back, this time with an endearing essay by 8 year old Agneesh from Kolkata about growing a garden. Making air cleaner, surroundings prettier and time with loved ones tending to the garden. Are we helping plants or they are helping us?

#SaraReads: Essay- The joys of growing a garden

Nature inspired me to grow a garden. The plants in a garden help to absorb Carbon Dioxide from the environment. I grew my garden in the backyard.


My grandfather helped me in growing the garden. First, he  brought me seeds. Then, he taught me how to plant them in the soil. Finally, he  taught me how to water them. Sunlight helps the plants to grow. I loved spending time with him and doing this together.


After seven days, I saw a tiny root shoot coming out of the seed. I felt very  happy and proud to see my new plant. It was a papaya plant. Someday, it will  grow up to be a big tree and bear papaya fruit. We have many other plants in our garden that give us colourful flowers. Often, I see butterflies sitting on the flowers and collecting nectar. Sometimes, I see wasps coming as well.


In the morning, Bulbul birds chirp in my garden. Do you think they want to build a nest in my garden? I would be so happy to see the chicks. I help the plants by  watering them every day after I return from school.


Once in a while, my grandfather uses organic fertilizer to grow the plants. My green garden with colourful flowers is picturesque. I spend my time playing in  the beautiful garden. I will plant more crawlers.


Every child should grow a garden to help the environment and help themself.


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    Congratulations to Agneesh on this wonderful essay. So well compiled in such a concise write up.
    The essay is so vivid and live. Really enjoyable.

    Wish him lots of success in his future write ups and his career. May he outshine the brightest of all.

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