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Read with Sara: Essay- How I spend my lockdown evenings

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Samaira Sirohia

Hey everyone, your friend Sara here. How do you spend your lockdown evernings? 8 year old Samaira from Kolkata does so, in the company of flowers on her balcony.

Read with Sara: Essay- How I spend my lockdown evenings

“Plant more trees” was one of the promises I made to myself on World Earth  Day. To create a greener environment,  I decided to plant a garden in my  balcony. The memories of the annual  flower show at Horticulture Gardens  inspired me to grow different types of flowers. 


My mother helped me in selecting and buying flower seeds and pots. We also  called for apple and mango saplings to grow fruits.  Following the instructions  that came with the seeds, I prepared the soil by adding fertilizer and turning it over. Next I filled the pots with soil and put different seeds in each.


My father helped me to put the pots in the right place for enough sunlight and air. Every morning I water the plants and once in a while spray the pesticides needed. Often, I peep into my garden to check if all my plant friends are fine. 


It is a miracle to see the buds blooming out of the stems. In a few days my  garden looks picturesque with bright flowers and fruits. I love spending most  of my lockdown evenings admiring the beautiful garden.  

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