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Read with Sara: Essay- My Super Dad

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Dhriti Keni

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. I agree with 10 year old Dhriti from Chennai, when she says we need to celebrate our special dads through the year and not just on Fathers Day. Read this endearing essay and hopefully all dads will share the workload of parenting as beautifully as Dhriti’s dad.

Read with Sara: Essay- My Super Dad

As a daughter, I have always been attached to my father. He is the one who  always protects me from my mother’s scoldings! He showers me with his love and teaches me kindness. And most importantly, he leads me to the safe and  the best path, even though it may be filled with thorns and problems. 


He supports my dreams and helps me pursue them. My father has helped me  through whichever problems I have gone through. 


Now let me tell you some incidents involving my father and me.  


When I was around 2-3 years old, I once got  high fever. My parents were very  worried as it was the first time when I had such high fever. My father never left  my side. My mom told me that I used to blabber something or the other. Each  day and night, he stayed near me trying to make me feel better. 


I recall the first time I got lost. We had gone on a trip to Amritsar to see the  Golden temple. After the prayer we had gone to collect prasadam. My father was holding my hand as he moved his hands to collect prasadam, I suddenly went missing!  Finally he found me dancing joyfully at the entrance! 


Fathers dedicate their lives to keep their family happy and safe. They are  willing to do anything to protect their family, even betting their own lives. So, I  do not think one day is truly enough for the hard work our fathers have done. Yes, we need to celebrate them through the year

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