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Read with Sara: Essay- Thank you, Ma

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Aashna Agarwal

Hello there people, your best friend Sara here. Monday are hard to get through and what we need is a little extra dose of Mum’s love. Here is 11 year old Aashna Agarwal from Kolkata, telling us to also give back a little bit of that love.

Read with Sara: Essay- Thank you, Ma

There’s a magical relation which nature has created between a mother and her child. Our mother is the one who created us. Without her, we would never have been  able to see this wonderful world.


We should be  thankful to her and do whatever we can for her, but what usually happens is the reverse. Instead of us caring for her and helping her in  whatever we do, these things are done for us. I wonder why? But I never got an


Many people say that your mom is the shadow of god. I definitely agree with  that but I don’t only see her as a god but also as a friend, an idol, the person  who loves me the most and the person who would never lead me on a wrong path.


She can leave her happiness for our happiness. Thank you Ma for everything  you have given me.

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