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Essay: What if we have been altered for good?

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Mahiraa Thakur

Hello folks, your best friend Sara here. What a creative but chilling write-up from 13 year old Mahiraa from Rohini on what life would be like when the virus is gone. We all cant wait for it now, but what if we are altered for good? What if this life in lockdown becomes our preferred state? Tell me what you think.

Essay: What if we have been altered for good?

25 February, 2021

The door creaked as I opened it to go outside. The kind of creak which a door  makes when it hasn’t been used frequently. As I stepped one foot outside the house, I had a sudden realization that this moment hadn’t taken place in forever. Definitely felt like it. It had been 8 months already.

I kept another foot out and then another, I started walking.

Every step I took reminded me of how much I missed the outside. I heard an  unfamiliar voice, I turned right to see a swing swinging on its own due to the  heavy wind. This swing sound I hadn’t heard in months but felt like decades  and beyond.

I sat down on the chilly bench beside which was rather not visible seconds ago because of the fog which covered everything like it was protecting it like a child in his mother’s benign arms.


As I sat down, I got lost in my quiet introspection. I wondered “What was all of this?”


I changed my perspective a bit on computers. The real world was obviously  better but most of the learning was still on computer. Maybe the virus led us to a new world of technology, it showed us new possibilities, leading us to  thoughts like, “because of technology, this is possible hence it’s better this  way”.


Though the pandemic has ended, the mindsets of people haven’t. Probably everyone got so used to the new normal that they prefer working and  attending classes from home.

Why is no one except me outside their house, why just me? Probably everyone forgot what life was like earlier, way before. There is a good way of looking at  it, now people have more leisure time and better family time, but I miss the life before. Can it come back?


Is this change good or bad? Till I get the answers to these questions, I will just keep telling myself, ”You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve the world’s problems at once, but don’t  underestimate the importance of an individual’s thought in changing history.”

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