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Flashback Fun – My Mom And Her Fun Squad | Bookosmia


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Anvita Gulati
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 8 year old Anvita Gulati, a Bookosmian from Faridabad, pens down a poem about her very cool mom’s adventures of when she was a teenager! Tell us about your parents’ childhood!
She goes to Manav Rachna International School.

Flashback Fun – My Mom And Her Fun Squad | Bookosmia

Flashback Fun - My mom and her fun squad


My mom’s teenage was full of adventure,

With her ‘Squad’ she waited for ‘Vacation-Venture’.


The mission was to make surprise visits,

To homes of school teachers to their delight.


Far from home to their teacher’s place,

Each day they’d venture new routes in craze.


The ‘Squad’ moved on cycles, till early evenings though,

They kept ‘Vacation-Venture’ a secret from families and foes.


Those were not the years of telephones,

So teachers would not call back to their homes.


The fun,

the ecstasy of the teachers and kids,

the superb thrill,

Alive in every heart,

when they share the amazing stories still.


Flashback Fun - My mom and her fun squad


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3 Replies to “Flashback Fun – My Mom And Her Fun Squad | Bookosmia”

  • Dr. Tanu shree

    This has come out so wonderful! God bless you Anvita

  • Bhakti Rukari

    So beautiful written??keep writing such lovely poems you Rockstar

  • Ankita

    Wow Superb Anvita!! Don’t have words to describe how stupendous this poem is??
    Keep going ?

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