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Fluffy says, “Everything’s gonna be OKAY!” – Poem

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Prisha Moitra

Hello there, your best friend Sara here!  9 year old Prisha from Kolkata has the kind of pet that we all need- great to snuggle with and reassuring us all the way!


Prisha is a student of Indus Valley World School, Kolkata.

Fluffy says, “Everything’s gonna be OKAY!” – Poem

I have a puppy

Its name is Fluffy.

It has big eyes,

That NEVER seems to lie.


It’s cute little tail,

Wags without fail,

As it follows my trail!


Its cuddly face

Always seems to race,


And has no speck of sadness.


Its ways are loving,

But also wild.

And it seems to be

As delicate as a child.


At the end of a tiring day,

It WOOFS as if to say,

“Everything’s gonna be OKAY!”


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One Reply to “Fluffy says, “Everything’s gonna be OKAY!” – Poem”

  • Sudeshna

    Fantastic rhyming sense by Prisha and neat beautiful storyline woven by her. Kudos and all the best dear. Hats off to your imagination at such a tender age.

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