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For the freedom of every girl- Poem

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Parthvi Singh

Hi everyone, Sara here. In the wake of recent atrocities on girls, how does a young mind process the information and think ahead? 14 year Parthvi Singh from Kichha, Rudrapur District, Uttarakhand shares what it feels like. But she is also hopeful times will change and every young girl will see the freedom , that is rightfully hers.

For the freedom of every girl- Poem

Though corona is born
Though earth revived.
Though nature gained it power
Though families are together.


Though schools are closed
Though markets are shut.
Though we are at home
Though we are free.


But I am still the same
The same girl,
Covering my head with a burqa or a dupatta
Only able to see my curious eyes.


When will I get freedom?
When I will walk without any fear?
Everything has changed,
But minds on the road have not.


I know a day will come
We will change minds with my voice and my writings.
This poem is dedicated to every girl
Whether wearing a burka or not,
It is about our own selves and our freedom.

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