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#SaraReads: Story- Four sisters and the Oompa Loompa

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N Hiba Fathima

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. Here is a beautiful fairytale shared by 6 year old Hiba from Little Readers Nook Mysore. We can achieve so much more when we stick together, yeah, even get the Oompa Loompa to help us!

#SaraReads: Story- Four sisters and the Oompa Loompa

Once upon a time there lived king Arthor and queen Elizabeth. They had four  daughters. First one was Liza .She was very interested in books and languages. Diana was the second, who was obsessed with doing hairstyles. The third, Mary was talented in cooking food. And the fourth one was Rose .She was  good at heart .She dreamt of being a mermaid.

Sara reads stories for kids by young writer Hiba Mysore Bookosmia

One day the king called for a meeting. “My dearest daughters there are four  diamond necklaces in an island across the ocean . Whoever finds it will be  granted any wish,” he said. The next day all the four set up on the quest.


They reached a butterfly garden with the most vibrant flowers. Liza asked the butterflies for help, to find the island in butterfly language that she had learnt last semester. The butterflies knew only one way and that was through a  witch’s house.


The house was big and dark . No one answered the door so they decided to go in. There was old and dirty wood furniture covered with cobwebs . Mary decided to clean the place and she also made some hot porridge. There was a big black ball furry cat on a red chair. Rose went close to it. She got startled  when it turned to a witch. The witch was impressed by Mary and decided to  help.


The witch warned them about Oompa Loompa and turned them into mermaids . They swam across the ocean .They came across all sorts of sea  creatures and it was the most beautiful ride ever. When they reached the island, which was home to Oompa Loompa .


Oompa Loompa were beautiful creatures with very untidy hair . They would easily get  angry and didn’t trust strangers. One Oompa Loompa noticed Diana’s hair. They agreed to let them pass only if Diana did their hair. After getting a  hair makeover they were so glad that they also shared the way to the sleeping  chimpanzee around whose neck the key to the treasure was tied .

Only Rose was light enough to climb on the chimpanzee without disturbing it.  She was successful in getting the key . They returned to their kingdom with  the treasure.But no one was ready to make a wish as everyone helped.


They king was very proud their unity and humble nature so he gave each one a  diamond necklace.

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