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Friendship -It Glitters More Than Gold | Bookosmia


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Harshkumar Baheti
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 16 year old Harshkumar Baheti, a Bookosmian from Pune is grateful for his best friend and pens a sweet note on them. Tell us about your friend!
He goes to Dr Kalmadi Shamarao High School.

Friendship -It Glitters More Than Gold | Bookosmia


Friendship -It glitters more than gold


For me, my friend is a priceless jewel,
Our friendship is covered by a tough shell.

The shell is made up of love and trust,
This makes it as hard as crust.

Whenever I think of our old memories,
I forget all my worries.

Our friendship can tackle any hardship,
I hope, from this peak we never slip.

We’ve enjoyed every single moment that came our way,
We just need more togetherness in our tray.

Our friendship is just a few years old,
But still it glitters more than gold.

The best thing for me is that you are my friend,
The period becomes wonderful that with you I spend.


Friendship -It glitters more than gold


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3 Replies to “Friendship -It Glitters More Than Gold | Bookosmia”

  • nishika sikchi

    Sooo proud of u harsh keep it upp ?

  • Naznin Iqbal Panesar

    You have understood friendship in it’s TRUE sense Harsh. Beautifully worded.
    Naznin Panesar

  • Manushri Ladda

    Very well penned Harsh???.. .keep it up! ?

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