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Go Corona, my grandparents are waiting for me! Poem

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Sparsh Meratwal

Sara here, folks! 8 year old Sparsh Meratwal from Surat makes his case to the corona virus-Summer vacations have been wasted, he wants to play in the sun and his grandparents are waiting!


Sparsh is a student of DPS, Surat

Go Corona, my grandparents are waiting for me! Poem

Knock knock who is there?

Let me see..It’s a virus

Who are you, Corona?

Making my life so confused.


I am having fun with my family

But playing carrom and ludo all day,

We get bored!


I am missing my friends and my cycle

My cycle is locked down under the building

And we’re in lockdown at home.

I’m waiting to play in the sun.


The May vacation came and went

Ohh my grandparents, Nana and Nani

Are waiting for me…

Go corona go..

Let me meet everyone.



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