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Grandparents – My Superstars | Bookosmia

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Saanvi Baheti
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 8 year old Saanvi Baheti, a Bookosmian from Bangalore knows two superstars – her grandparents! What a sweet poem she writes! Tell us about your superstars!
She goes to Greenwood High School.

Grandparents – My Superstars | Bookosmia


Grandparents  - My superstars


My grandma is a teacher and loves to knit,

She loves playing Solitaire and Sudoku, but never has time to sit.

My grandpa loves to deal in shares,

He and his newspaper…. are quite a pair!

My grandparents live in Kolkata where it is quite hot,

My grandpa likes gardening and loves his plants a lot!

I like asking my grandparents tough riddles,

Every weekend night they treasure watching Super Dancer and Indian Idol.

Grandpa is really strict..

But he is quite easy to trick.

Sometimes when he calls I pretend, I am sleeping,

He scolds my parents when he sees me weeping.

In these tough times, my grandmother is really hard to meet

She says if I behave well I am up for a treat!

Grandpa is bald and my grandma has silky soft hair,

Brilliant, smart and caring grandparents like them are very rare.


Grandparents  - My superstars


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