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Eid is happiness | Bookosmia


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Ibrahim Abdulkader

Happy Eid everyone! Your best friend Sara here. In the middle of all the Covid monotony, here comes Eid. Read this beautiful poem about beautiful Eid by 9 year old Ibrahim.

Eid is happiness | Bookosmia

The fasting is over
The day is coming to an end
I look out of my window to see the new moon
Which is a sign of Eid to celebrate.
Eid is the time
The people come together
Shoulder to shoulder
It is the time
to share love, hope and faith.
Eid is happiness
Eid is love
Eid is beautiful.
About the author-Ibrahim Abdulkader

3 Replies to “Eid is happiness | Bookosmia”

  • Mariam

    Lovely poem…. So proud of you my boy

  • Rashida khambaty

    Good job ibrahim….very well written…keep going

  • Rashida khambaty

    Good job ibrahim….so well written…. keep going

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