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How Krishna consoled the dwarf planet Pluto- Story


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Jeevasini Patanana

Hello lovely people, Sara here. I am totally enjoying kids creating their own adventures for Krishna! Here is an extremely creative story by 5 year old Jeevasini Patanana from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Did you ever think about what a conversation between Krishna and the planet Pluto would be like? No? Read on!


Jeevasini is from Darshan Academy, Bhubaneswar.

How Krishna consoled the dwarf planet Pluto- Story

It was a very very cold winter night. I was cuddled with my mom and listening  happily to a story about Lord Krishna. It was very interesting. I enjoyed it very  much and went to sleep happily. I had a very strange and wonderful dream that night.


I saw I was sitting in my balcony and humming a little tune when someone  tapped me on my shoulders. I turned and saw a beautiful tender face, two  sparkly eyes, one sweet mouth curled up into a smile and a peacock feather on the curly black hair of the guest.

“Krishna,finally you came to meet me!” I said jumping with joy.

“Shh! Don’t make noise, my dear friend,” Krishna said and started walking  away.

“Where are you going,” I asked running after him. “I am going to visit the ‘Golok Dham’ or the ‘Outer Space’ as you know it, woud you like to join me?” he asked  laughing merrily.

I said, “Yes yes, I do!”

Within seconds Lord Krishna and I were in the outer space and I saw the solar  system with the dazzling sun and the eight amazing planets. While travelling, I  saw a tiny planet which was very sad.

I asked, “Why are you so sad?”

It answered, “I am Pluto, I am sad because I used to be a planet in the solar  system before. But now I am no longer a part of the solar system. Children like  you read about me as just a dwarf planet.”

“Oh! It is not a big problem. You can request Lord Krishna to solve your  problem because he is the mightiest of all,” I reassured Pluto.

But Pluto was still sobbing,” But the scientists who study about space at the International Astronomical Union, say I am dwarf planet because I don’t meet
all the three conditions that are needed to make one a planet.”

I said,” It doesn’t matter. You can still request the Lord to give you back your place. He can do it.”

Hearing our conversations, Krishna laughed gently and asked us to have  patience as all the mysteries of the universe are still not revealed to humans.

“Everything will be normal one day and Pluto would get its importance back. “


It  made Pluto very happy and I felt very happy and thanked Lord Krishna for his kindness. I prayed him to be with me always. At this point I woke up and  saw that I am sleeping on my bed and saw that the meeting with Lord Krishna, the travel to space and Pluto were all gone. I was very sad. But I hope to meet Krishna one day and have lots of more adventures together.


Picture Credit- Imgur

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17 Replies to “How Krishna consoled the dwarf planet Pluto- Story”

  • Neelamittal


  • Praxima

    Very nice.. Superbly articulated…Keep it up dear Khushi aka Jeevasini…??

  • ddmkarimnagar

    Well done,? eagerly waiting for your next publication.keep it up?

  • Vidhathri Sharma

    Tha was so cute and sweet ??

  • Geeta Rani Sahu

    Very nice,??? keep it up ?

  • Ananthpatnana

    Badiya lekhi ho beti.well done keep going.

  • Ananthpatnana

    Well done. Keep it up and keep going, waiting for your next story.

  • Suman

    Very nice presentation….Almost perfect ….God bless you.

  • Manisha Minj

    Congrats, Jeevasini. It’s a wonderful story and a great creativity.??????

  • Ipsita priyadarsini

    Outstanding Jeevasini.. God bless you

  • Trupti Tapasi

    Waiting for the sequel?

  • Ajit Panda

    Hi khushi ,that was superrr..very sweetly narrated, hope your friend pluto joins once again. Best wishes and god bless.

  • Mrinal Kaushik

    Such a passionate narrative of intriguing characters’ tender emotions of empathizing, caring and feeling safe to trust. You’re a natural at telling tales, Jeevasini. This one reminds me the value of HOPE. I am glad to have read your work. Keep conquering rainbows and unicorns!

  • Kitun didi

    Cudos to u khushi excellent work keep up the gud work ????

  • Hello Khushi, Very interesting story am glad to read it repeatedly appreciate and Kudos to 5 years old Khushi who is so optimistic in thoughts,always keep spreading happiness and may Lord Krishna be always be with you, do keep dreaming to share your creativites with happy readers. Love you and Bless you ?

  • Kantirekha

    Awesome Khushi. I just came across this page and the story narration is brilliant. Very interesting and sweet story. Keep it up cute little girl ?and all the best for your future. God bless you.

  • Harikrishnan

    Wow.. now only I know Pluto is not a planet.. Thanks Jeevasini..

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