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Hurray! Dugga Ma is coming- Poem

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Atreyo Bhattacharyya

Hey everyone, Sara here! Many of us have a day off from schools in India today. When did we ever complain about a holiday? But its also super fun to know about festivals from different parts of India.

Here is 8 year old Atreyo Bhattacharyya from Kolkata sharing with us the excitement of a festival.

Atreyo is a student of The Heritage School, Kolkata.

Hurray! Dugga Ma is coming- Poem

Hurray! Dugga Ma is coming
“Jago Tumi Jago” people are humming,
The nature surrounding us is beautiful
We will all wear new dresses that are colourful.


The white clouds are fluffy and thick
Dugga Ma is coming from Kailash so quick,
Today is the day when Pitri Paksha finishes
On Devi Paksha everyone’s dream accomplishes.


Dugga Ma gives us power we require
Saraswati Ma gives us knowledge to inspire,
Lakshmi Ma gives us wealth we need
To go through the path that will make us succeed.


Good always triumphs over evil
As God will always win over devil,
Bengalis celebrate Mahalaya with a ‘pujo – pujo’ feel
As we go on the road of truth, with determination and skill.


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