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I Forgot! Poem

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Naishaa Bansal

Hey, Sara here! 8 year old Naishaa Bansal from Mumbai shares this fun poem, a window into the life of Miss Forgetful! Enjoy

I Forgot! Poem

Did you eat your medicine?

Oh no, I forgot !!


Did you watch your education videos ?

No, I forgot !!


Why do you always forget everything?

Oh I forgot the reason why!


Did you read your book?

No, I forgot !


Do you remember which cartoon you were watching? 

Umm…Let me think, no, I forgot!!


Why do you forget everything? And why do always remember eating marshmallows?!

I always forget to do things ! I love marshmallows !!


 Oh, Miss Forgetful !!!                                      

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