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I Wish I Were A Barbie Doll | Bookosmia


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S Yuthika Nandini
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. The book, pencil and ball feel that Barbie has the easiest life. But does she really? Read this fascinating story by 11 year old S Yuthika Nandini from Chennai to find out.
She goes to NSN Memorial Higher Secondary School.

I Wish I Were A Barbie Doll | Bookosmia


I Wish I Were a Barbie Doll

It was a wonderful, sunny day and surprisingly, everything in Emma’s room turned into living things.


Suddenly a book, pencil, ball and a Barbie doll began to chatter.


Book: Hey Barbie, you are so lucky since Emma always looks forward to playing with you, but look at me, she scribbles on me everyday.


Barbie: Hey! You know what, sometimes I get hurt when she pulls me off from the bed. I am not lucky.


I Wish I Were a Barbie Doll



Pencil: Don’t say that, I do agree with the book. Sometimes she sharpens me till I get smaller.


Ball: Guys, she hits me on hard walls and bounces me on the floor! I second that you are lucky, Barbie.


Barbie: Well guys, it is not that easy to be me.


Suddenly a fairy appeared in front of them….


I Wish I Were a Barbie Doll



Fairy: I heard you all, you are all thinking others have it easier. Let me give you all a boon, if you could change yourself, what would you want to be?




Barbie: I want to be myself.


Pencil: I would like to change myself into a Barbie.


Ball: I want to be a Barbie. I am dying to live a life like Barbie.


Book: I admire Barbie, so I want to be like her.


Fairy: As you wish (she swung her wand).


They all became what they requested.


I Wish I Were a Barbie Doll


They were delighted for two days.


One fine day, Emma invited her three friends to play in her room. They saw the three new Barbies and began to sketch in their faces.


That night, Emma was cleaning her room.


Emma: Hey Barbies, I have never seen you three before. But you all look ugly, I don’t need you anymore.


She threw them into the trash can.


The real Barbie felt sorry for them.


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  • Bhuvana

    Happy to see you grow my little princess. Making everyone proud

  • Sagar

    Excellent story Yuthika. ?.

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