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I Wish I Were A Mermaid | Bookosmia

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Avyan Singh
Hey friends! Sara, here. Come join 6 year old Avyan Singh, a Bookosmian from Jabalpur, as he takes us on a    magical journey to meet mermaids. He wishes he were a mermaid! What do you wish you were?
He goes to Billabong High International School.

I Wish I Were A Mermaid | Bookosmia


I wish I were a mermaid


Oh! mermaid, mermaid.
I wish I were you,
I could swim and have fun in
the deep blue sea like you.

Oh! mermaid, mermaid.
How beautifully you sing,
you glide in the sea
like an eagle’s wing.

What beautiful scales are on your tail,
like diamonds that have set sail.

What beautiful hair you have on your head,
like waves hitting the rockbed.

You sing to crabs,seagulls and sea snakes,
they all are a rockband on an underwater stage.

The crabs play the maracas,
the seagulls play the violin,
the sea snakes play the guitar and you are the singing rockstar.

Oh! mermaid, mermaid.
I wish I were you.

I wish I were a mermaid


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