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If I Were A Boy- Poem

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Anushka Pandit

Hey friends, Sara here! 14 year old Anushka Pandit from Delhi talks about a girl who is fed up of hardships and wants to change her life completely. But would that girl like to trade places with a boy? Read on to know.


Anushka is a student of Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, Delhi.



If I Were A Boy- Poem

If I were a boy,
Away from the chains of restrictions,
And miles away from the norms of the society.

If I were a boy,
Away from those hardships faced by a girl during those difficult days,
Away from those stereotypical thinking of this dark world.

If I were a boy,
And had the liberty to roam,
Either in the sun’s brightness or in the moonlight.

But yes, let me come out of my world of utopia,
And let me live as I am.
So I will live my life to the fullest,
No matter what Tom, Dick and Harry says.

But if I were a boy,
Then one more beautiful girl
Would be subtracted
From this universe.


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