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Mukund Maskara
Sara here, friends! 7 year old Mukund Maskara, from Ranchi city shares this informative essay that makes us pause and think more about the inventions which we take for granted in our daily lives. Join him?


Do you know moon is a natural satellite of Earth?
As the earth goes around the sun, the moon goes around the earth in a fixed  orbit.
Today when I was walking in the terrace, I saw many round dishes on the roof.
I was curious and then my mother told me that they were dish antenna through which we get to watch anything on television. They get signal from the satellites.
Read with Sara satellite Dish Bookosmia
Like television, our mobile phones, internet and all, the information about earth and space we get from artificial satellites. Do you know the first artificial satellite was SPUTNIK-1 launched by Russia? NASA and ISRO have send many satellites to space till date.
ISRO was the first one to send the satellite ‘Mangalyan’ to Mars.
Next time , whenever I use television or mobile phones I am surely going to think about the benefits of satellite. What about you?

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