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Learn to Forgive and Forget- Essay #Gandhi

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Kinaya Upadhya

Hey friends, Sara here! We are running the theme of living Gandhi’s principles. So what is forgive and forget in the life of a young child? Read this adorable essay by 7 year old Kinaya Upadhya from Kolkata to know better.

Learn to Forgive and Forget- Essay #Gandhi

One day I played a prank on my brother. My father scolded me because I  played this prank on him. I said sorry to my brother and father and they forgave me

The next day, I was swaying on a swing in the park.  My friend wanted to swing too but there was only one swing. I let my friend swing too and it was  appreciated by her.

When I went to school a friend asked if I would share my pencil and eraser  with her.  A few days back I had asked my friend to share her pencil and eraser but she had said no. I learnt how to forgive and forget because my parents  used to teach me that. So I happily shared my pencil and eraser with her.

Sometimes I get a little upset because the helpers in my house play with my
brother and not with me, but I forgive them. My brother draws on the wall but my parents stop him and forgive him.

Sometimes my father forgets to teach me Hindi and my mother gets angry but
she forgives him. When I am doing my schoolwork and my mother gets a bit upset for some reason, but later she also forgives me.

It is very important to learn to forgive and to forget.


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