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Letter to Astronaut Christina Koch by an 8 year old girl from India

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Prisha Moitra

What comes to your mind when you hear of the astronaut Christina Koch completing 328 days in space? Lots of questions right? Read this wonderful letter by 8 year old, curious Prisha to her super hero Christina.

Letter to Astronaut Christina Koch by an 8 year old girl from India

Dear Christina (my new superhero),

Congratulations for your achievement! I have heard that you stayed in space for 328 days! Did you really? It must have been a great view from up there. So tell me, did our earth appear like a blue-green sphere that I drew for my science project? I wish I could accompany you and catch a glimpse of everything present there.

I know that you feel weightless in space and it must have been amazing to float like a balloon. Did you see a lot of flying objects orbiting there? Did you come across any alien spaceships? I hope you didn’t go too close to the sun. I know you must have felt butterflies in your stomach.

I love space exploration but I also like art. So I may choose to be a performing artist when I grow up. Still, you would be my biggest inspiration ? You must have missed dear earth, for I saw the smile on your face (eyes closed,too) when you landed. Please write back and don’t forget to send your autographed photo (if that’s not a trouble).

A bear hug for you,

From Prisha, Grade III-D, Kolkata, West Bengal

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