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Life Is Beautiful – A Tritina Poem | Bookosmia

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Vansshvardhan Agarwal
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 12 year old Vansshvardhan Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes a profound Tritina poem about life. Tritina means a poem having three stanzas of three lines and a final line. Why don’t you try it?
Vansshvardhan is a student of Word Munchers goes to La Martiniere For Boys, Kolkata.

Life Is Beautiful – A Tritina Poem | Bookosmia

Life is beautiful - A Trinita poem

Life is an adventure,

There are some good moments,

And we all should have hope.

We should never lose hope,

Life begins when we go on adventures,

And sometimes we have bad moments.

Life is about moments,

Fear never builds the future, it is built by hope,

Life was meant for great adventures.

Life is about hope and adventure and we all have our moments and sometimes we don’t.

Life is beautiful - A Trinita poem


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