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Lockdown – How I Stay Engaged Indoors | Bookosmia

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Rishit Sethia

Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. Sigh! It’s no fun being cooped up at home, is it? 10 year old Rishit Sethia, a Bookosmian from Kolkata, sees the bright side of it and helps us see it too! Thanks, pal!

Congrats to Word Munchers for nurturing his creativity.

Lockdown – How I Stay Engaged Indoors | Bookosmia

The raging coronavirus pandemic has left us with no option but to stay indoors. This has made us look for ways to enjoy ourselves at home.



I am an avid reader and I spend a lot of my time reading various story books. This has not only helped me improve my vocabulary but has also helped me better my writing skills.


Lockdown - How I stay engaged indoors


I write on various topics and post them on various platforms. Computer games also take a fair amount of my time. I play them for both entertainment and fun.

Chess is another of my favorite indoor activity. I can spend any amount of time playing this wonderful game of the mind.

Lockdown - How I stay engaged indoors

I often pit myself against my grandfather who is a great chess player himself. I also go online to play this game with other contestants. Truth be told, I simply can’t get enough of playing this ancient game.


Another one of my favorite indoor games is carom which I play with my father and grandfather.


I also do a fair bit of drawing and painting. I have planted a few plants in pots and keep them in the balcony of my house. I tend to them regularly and get immense pleasure seeing them grow.


Lockdown - How I stay engaged indoors


Last but not the least, I spend some time playing with my little sister.

This unusual situation, the pandemic, has made us all find innovative things to do within the comfort of our homes.

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