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Magician’s Code – A Race Against Time | Bookosmia

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Hrian Khem
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. An evil magician sets a deadly trap for a young boy who must cross these hurdles to save his brother. Can he do it? Read this thriller by 8 year old Hrian Khem, a Bookosmian from Kolkata, to find out!
Congrats to Wings Preschool and Activity centre for nurturing his creativity.

Magician’s Code – A Race Against Time | Bookosmia

Once an evil magician kidnapped my brother and locked him in the middle of the ‘Maze of Treachery’. So, I set off to find him.
Magician’s code - A race against time
The magician had a ferocious pet and three traps in the maze.
When I went near the maze, it looked suspicious and suddenly the extinct saber-toothed tiger jumped out of the bush, his eyes beaming red and his face full of arrow marks.
Magician’s code - A race against time
Luckily, I saw a spear near the stems of a rosebush and I picked it up. Seeing that, the sabre-toothed cat ran away in fear.
It was a bit chilly and right at that moment I noticed a canon shooting deadly weapons. Even though nobody was using it, the weapons were launching out. I dodged them carefully and found a button on the control panel. I decided to press it. When I pressed the button, the canon shut down.
I went forward and saw a giant boulder hanging on a rope swinging from side to side. I ducked to the ground and carefully pulled myself to the end of the trap and ran out of there. Then I saw bombs blasting from all sides. I covered myself and did a few cart wheels and passed through the explosion.
Magician’s code - A race against time
An hour later, a giant robot came and attacked me as if I was a puny little insect. I ran, climbed on his back and mangled up all the wires. The robot broke into pieces!
Having taken on all the challenges, I reached the centre of the maze and saw that the evil magician had disappeared! My brother was safe! The maze was now mine and I began to wonder if I had been lead to this place on purpose. But why?
Magician’s code - A race against time
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