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#SaraReads: Stories- Me, my Granny and a Genie

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Hey, Sara here. Yes, magic lamp stories have an old theme, but kids today have different ideas for the wishes they would like to make. Check out this wonderfully descriptive story with a twist in the end, by 10 year old Ritika from Chennai.

#SaraReads: Stories- Me, my Granny and a Genie

The Magic Lamp

It was movie night at Gran’s old cottage. We sat in front of the big television  with popcorn and some drinks. The lights were flickering and the movie was  about to start. But, unfortunately the power went off. Very sadly, we went upstairs, leaving the bowls of popcorn and the cold soda on the tea table.


We had nothing to do and therefore decided to clean the attic at the very top  of the cottage. We dashed through the night lamps, fell over all the fallen  flower vases, rushed through the corridor and finally ended up in the hallway.  Fortunately, there were stone steps leading to the attic. We came to a dead- end, when we followed the stone steps. We were planning to return back,  when the rocky moon suddenly produced a faint light through the glass  window.

That’s when we spotted a passage that was pitch dark. My Gran lit a candle  and I took my brand new torch. We stepped inside. The place was soggy and  also a bit damp. Seeing this, we felt quite thrilled.

We cautiously went through and got to a red door. “At last!” said Gran, feeling  quite relieved. “We’ve found the attic door.” I pushed the door open slightly. Surprisingly the door opened smoothly without any creaking sound. I was delighted and made my way in eagerly. The place was full of boxes and trunks.


My Gran followed me inside, her heart full of joy. We explored the area for a  while. Then my Gran began her dusting work. I was overjoyed but at the same time suspicious about the old trunks and the parcels. Most importantly,
I dreaded those packages. Out of excitement, I unbolted all the chests to only find loads of dresses.


I opened the parcels enthusiastically and only found some old photos and few  important documents. I was heartbroken. Without showing any further  interest I tore the packages open. Inside some of the packages there were books about history. A few had old- fashioned telephones. At last, there was
only one package left. I opened that and found a lamp.

It was quite dusty, so I cleaned it with a cloth. Suddenly a genie came out of  the lamp from nowhere. “I will grant you three wishes,” it said. Though I was  shocked at first, I gathered my breath and asked him to clean the whole house.


To my surprise the house became clean and so was the attic. Seeing this I remembered something. Then I asked him to bring back the power, so that I  could watch the movie. In a flash of a lightning ,the power was restored.


Then I thought hard about what to ask for the third wish. Why shouldn’t I try to help the world with the final one? Therefore, keeping the current pandemic
situation in my mind I asked the genie,“Can you please make the whole world understand the importance of staying at home, washing hands, social  distancing, wearing gloves and a mask while going out, please?”


Suddenly the genie vanished into thin air. I sincerely hope that the genie will  grant my last wish.

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