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Memories: Read Poem with Sara


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Prisha Bhatt

Sara here, friends! 13 year old Prisha Bhatt from Kolkata sends us such a beautiful poem about what makes up the best memories, far from the gadgets and the internet.

Memories: Read Poem with Sara

Why do I grow older everyday? Why not younger?
I wish I could grow happier and merrier.

Attention was all I needed, along with love,
All I love is black and white, but pink remains favourite,
Heard familiar words like Jack and Jill, instead of gaming gadgets.


Memories are those left behind,
No more was I of the same kind.

2 Replies to “Memories: Read Poem with Sara”

  • Aroon

    You will shine with your imagination and creativity.

  • prishabhatt06

    Thanks so much

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