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Monsoon Wonders-Poem

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Meghashree Nambiar

Hey everyone, so many of us are relishing the rains. 8 year old Meghashree Nambiar from Mumbai wonderfully articulates the excitement of watching the rains.


Meghashree is a student of Bai Avabai Framjee Petit Girls High School, Mumbai

Monsoon Wonders-Poem

Monsoon is like a bath to mother nature

Bringing greenery to breathe fresh air in future.


Peacocks dancing amidst the wilderness

Spreading happiness all around,

Children making paper boats and cycling in the playground

Wet birds flapping their wings to glory

Cuddling up on a branch humming a beautiful story.


Frogs jumping out of big black wild mushrooms

Gulping in bees with joyful moves,

Silver raindrops singing as they fly

With a colourful rainbow smiling up on the sky.

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