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My Best Friend- Poem

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Rohan Santhosh

Hola, Sara here! 9 year old Rohan Santhosh from Bangalore shares this adorable poem for his best friend. Time to forward it to our own friends and make them feel special!

My Best Friend- Poem

You are smart and kind

You can almost read my mind


You’re the first to notice when I’m blue

You have a 6th sense, it’s true.


You’re so intelligent and strong

You always tell me when I’m wrong.


Always alert and aware

When I need you, you are there.


I still remember the day at school,

So scared of the teachers looks,

I almost dropped all my books.


You noticed the slightest frown

You picked me up when I was down.


When I’m confused you help me decide,

Thanks for being by my side.


I always wished I had a brother,

But now I see, you are one…

Just from another mother!

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