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My experience in Paris -Essay #WorldToursimDay

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Sai Shaunak M S

Hey everyone, Sara here! While travel is out of question, it is such a delight to read write ups from kids about their favourite travel memory, on World Tourism Day. Here is 11 year old Sai Shaunak M S from Bangalore, take us on a virtual trip.


Sai Shaunak is a student of The Brigade School, Bangalore


My experience in Paris -Essay #WorldToursimDay

My favourite tourist spot is Paris.  I have liked many places but Paris is my favourite.
We had an overnight journey in the aero plane. When we arrived at the airport, our tour manager was calling us.We went in the bus to our hotel room. We kept our luggage and had a brief  look at the city.
I got to know that Paris is called ‘The City of Light.’
It was a clean and organized city. For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant called ‘ The Bombay Villa.’ We had a lovely dinner and returned to our hotel room. The second day we needed to wake up early so that we could see everything. We had breakfast in the hotel itself.
Our sightseeing spot for the day was the Eiffel Tower. We bought some keychains and some miniature models of the tower too. Where ever in Paris we went, we could still see the tower!
The third day was my best day in the trip because we went to Disney Land! We were very excited to go there. But sadly we could not go to the Disney castle because we got late in a roller coaster.
Why did we get late in the roller coaster? That in itself is a story. We got late in the roller coaster because my mother stayed with me. Why? I was too short to go to the roller coaster so I had to wait out alone, but I was scared to be alone. That is why I asked my mother to stay with me. When my father and sister returned, my mother wanted to go on the roller coaster too but it had some technical issues so she could not go. We also went on other rides and even met Mickey Mouse! This was it on the last day of the trip.
I enjoyed this beautiful city and the experience.



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