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#SaraReads: Story-My father, The genie #FathersDaySpecial

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Tanisha Sumeet Ramchandani_award Tanisha Sumeet Ramchandani

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! We have all seen little kids throw big tantrums. But sometimes they also show understanding that adults are incapable of. Read this innocent short story by 12 year old Tanisha from Surat about a little girl and her pride in her father…

#SaraReads: Story-My father, The genie #FathersDaySpecial

What do you think a father could be? An inspiration, a superhero, a magician? The list goes on.I see my father as a genie. What does a genie do? He fulfills wishes and makes people happy. Well, that’s what many fathers would do. But my father is different from the rest. To know why, read ahead. 


My father works as a principal in a school. Once there was a girl who was not in my father’s school but was in a temple with her mother. She was crying. All others saw the crying girl and went home. My father quietly observed and Bookosmia Surat story on fatherfound out the girl was crying because she  didn’t want to go to school. My father gently  approached her and taught her a new  handshake. The girl immediately stopped  crying. He asked her why she didn’t want to go  to school. She said she had lost her new pencil  box in school and her mother had shouted at  her so she didn’t want to go to school anymore.  My father smiled at her and told her  her box wasn’t lost. He opened his bag and  took out the new box he had bought for me. 


“Here is your pencil box,” he said, giving it to the girl. The girl started jumping in joy. My father told her that it was a magic box and she must keep it safely. The girl promised and held on to the box tightly. She had the biggest smile on her face. 

Bookosmia Surat storyThat evening, when my father came home, I rushed to open his bag to see my new pencil box. It wasn’t there. Then my father told me the story of the little girl and how happy that pencil box made her. 

“I am sorry I couldn’t fulfill your wish of having a new pencil box,” he told me. 

I gave him a hug. “That girl was lucky as she got one wish fulfilled but I am the luckiest one as I get the genie himself as my father.” 

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