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Agra, my favourite tourist spot- Essay #WorldTourismDay


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Navika Kharbanda

Hey everyone, Sara here! Today on World Tourism Day, its hard not to think about the Tourism industry, one of the worst hit by COVID19.

9 year old Navika Kharbanda from Noida refreshes all of our holiday memories by sharing a write up of her favorite travel!


Navika is a student of Amity International School, Noida

Agra, my favourite tourist spot- Essay #WorldTourismDay

Once I went on an excursion to Agra with my family. We went
by car. I carried a backpack on my back. We started our trip early in the morning. I and my brother slept in the car.


When we woke up we saw the breath- taking Taj Mahal in front of us. The Taj Mahal in Agra is world famous. We learnt more about this fascinating place from our guide.


By the time we were exploring this ‘wonder of the world,’ we felt hungry. We had sandwiches and went to buy the souvenir of the famous inlay artwork, wall hangings and coasters carved on marble.


It was almost bed time. My father had booked us in a luxurious hotel and we  rested there. As the next morning arrived, we freshened up and went to Agra Fort expecting a show, but unfortunately the show was cancelled.


We utilized the opportunity by experiencing the local delicacies and shopping. It was dusk already. We returned to the hotel and slept.


The next day it was time to bid goodbye to Agra. Soon after breakfast we started our return journey. It was the most memorable holiday ever!


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6 Replies to “Agra, my favourite tourist spot- Essay #WorldTourismDay”

  • Surbhi Taluja

    Very Nice Navika ?
    Keep it up !

  • Nandini Raina

    Very nice navika keep it up

    – Regards Nandini Raina your bestie

  • Shruti Dua Kharbanda

    Well tried Navika… keep it up!!

  • Ruchika Narang

    Good work Navika!!??????

  • Meetavigh

    God bless you

  • Veena Kharbanda

    Wonderful Navika! Keep up the good work?

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