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My Mother – My BFF | Bookosmia


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Aarushi Jithesh
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. Tell us the best thing about your parent! 11 year old Aarushi Jithesh, a Bookosmian from Calicut, pens a sweet poem about her  ‘forever friend’ – her mother!
She goes to St Mary’s English Medium School.

My Mother – My BFF | Bookosmia

My Mother - My BFF


I have a mother, who is very brilliant,

And on whom I am very reliant.


I can trust her with my eyes blind,

As she is so very kind.


When in need, she comes to me racing,

As she is very amazing!


To her, I bow,

As she is like a magical cove!


To her low, I bend,

For she is my forever friend!


My Mother - My BFF


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2 Replies to “My Mother – My BFF | Bookosmia”

  • devanshiujjwal

    How beautifully you have depicted your mother in the poetry! Beautiful wordings Aarushi.

  • Aarushi

    Thank u for ur valuable comment

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