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My Pet- Poem

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Diya Sheth

Hello hello, Sara here! 9 year old Diya Sheth from Ahmedabad brings us some furry love in this adorable poem.


Diya is from Lalji Mehrotra Lions School, Ahmedabad.

My Pet- Poem

One day I thought how pets love us a lot,
So I told my parents to bring me a dog.

Father said we can bring two birds,
Mommy said we can bring a turtle.

But still I argued for a dog,
My parents refused so I cried a lot.

On my 10th birthday my parents told me,
This time you will get a gift,
You wanted from the age of three.

I wondered what it will be. I was so excited for it,
My father gave a bow,
My mother brought a puppy.

I thanked my mother and father,
The dog’s name was Jimmy.


Now I play with him every day,
He protects me in every way.
We go on walk everyday,
I still thank my parents for my 10th birthday.



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