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NASA Boy And The Space Junk Machine | Bookosmia

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Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 6 year old Udit, a Bookosmian from Bangalore is a space prodigy so watch out for his impressive terminology as he navigates this story about saving the earth from a space junk machine!
Congrats to Merry Go Learn for nurturing his creativity.

NASA Boy And The Space Junk Machine | Bookosmia

NASA boy and The Space junk machine


Samiy was a young boy who had a lot of interest and knowledge about space. He had been in NASA for 5 years. Samiy built his own special space rocket called ‘REDl’. He finally was ready to go to space. He himself launched his rocket.

After three hours, the rocket turned into a DSON Sphere. DSON Sphere is a megastructure that traps the whole star and its energy output.

Everything was smooth. But then the evil Space Junk machine appeared. It was floating in space. It was a dirty looking machine that threw junk into space. It was black in color and its eyes were green and white. It threw debris on planet Earth. It wanted to take control of Earth.


NASA boy and The Space junk machine


It lived in a black hole called The Great Attractor ( a real black hole that is sucking the Milky Way and trillions of other galaxies!). Samiy shot gamma rays at Space Junk but Space Junk was not affected at all. Space Junk was throwing asteroids.

NASA boy and The Space junk machine


Samiy shot infer bombs (if you shoot at space, space becomes covered with space dust). Space Junk stopped working. It blasted. Kaboom!

After that, Samiy went to the Andromeda Galaxy and Sombrero Galaxy. He found all the information there was to collect. He went to the black hole in the centre of Andromeda Galaxy called LETER 1302.


NASA boy and The Space junk machine


After finding all the information, he went back to the Milky Way. He finally landed on Earth. He told the scientists in NASA about his dangerous yet adventurous trip to space and how he fought with the evil Space Junk and finally won!
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