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Night, How Beautiful You Are! | Bookosmia

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Shishir Sharma

Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 16 year old Shishir Sharma, a Bookosmian from Bardiya, Nepal shares a beautiful poem about the serene sight of the sky at night. What do you love most about nature? Tell us!

Shishir goes to Nepal Rastriya Model Secondary School.

Night, How Beautiful You Are! | Bookosmia

Night, how beautiful you are!


After the sunset
Moon and stars wait at the gate
They call us if we become late
We have very beautiful night
We can enjoy and feel delight.

The moon and stars make the sky bright
As they are very far at height
They provide us glooming light
I have heard their stories only in myth.

I enjoy my night that comes very soon
By sitting under the moon
After a while the moon is covered by cloud
The moon is very beautiful there is no doubt.


Night, how beautiful you are!


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