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No stop to learning- Read poem with Sara

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Nitya Jain

Hola friends, Sara here!  Loved the amusing drift to this very real capture of online classes by 13 year old Nitya Jain from Ahmedabad.

No stop to learning- Read poem with Sara

Global pandemic has forced us to study online
Technology and education, we now combine,
Here is an advantage of them
Atleast we do not have to wake up at 6 a.m.
Yes, online classes we do enjoy
But our personality development they destroy,
Who thought notes will be in form of screenshots
Not just 4 or 5, but lots and lots!
Homework of only writing and sentence framing
I wish they asked us something about gaming,
When the teacher asks for answers, there are few
Who have the excuse of connectivity issue.
Missing those school hours of studying as well as fun
But yes, during this lockdown, many productive things I have done,
Due to corona, our school is closed
But a stop to learning can never be imposed.

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