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O Woman – You Rule The World | Bookosmia

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Sanskriti Jain
Hey people! Your friend, Sara here. 15 year old Sanskriti Jain, a Bookosmian from Bhopal shoots a powerful poem reminding every woman that she is the glue that holds this world together. Do you have a special message for a woman you know?
She goes to St Montfort school.

O Woman – You Rule The World | Bookosmia


O Woman - You rule the world



a wife, sister, mother, daughter, but mostly

a woman.

A remarkable word which some might


 Rest scorn.

All she ever wanted was to be loved,

Which she often didn’t get to experience.

She might think of herself as a loser,

But she doesn’t know she is the one,

who many want to become.

She belongs to herself,

Which some don’t understand.

She forgets, sometimes who she is,

She is the queen who rules the world.


O Woman - You rule the world



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