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I Miss School – Read Poem


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Hi everyone, your friend Sara here! Ready for a doze of cuteness to start the day?  7 year old Kyna from Bangalore really misses her school, Vidya Shilp Academy (VSA) and has figured just what to do to get rid of corona- pack it off to sun, of course! 

I Miss School – Read Poem

Go away, corona go away

I want to go back to VSA.*


I miss my school and all the fun

I wish I could pack you and send you to the sun.


Sun will burn you with its heat

And I will be back in my class seat.


Go away corona go away

I want to go back to VSA*.

*Vidyashilp Academy

Vidya Shilp Academy Bangalore Artwork by Kyna Bookosmia

4 Replies to “I Miss School – Read Poem”

  • namratayogi5075

    Beautifully written ! And the drawing looks amazing too 🙂

  • Saurabh Agarwal


  • Rama kohli

    Wonderful lyrics she has the art of rhyming clever sweet girl.

  • Kanika

    Awww … so adorably written ??
    Way to go Kyna

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